5 Things Not to Do when Trading on FIFA 17 Web App

fifa15-coins Date: Dec/02/16 14:40:37 Views: 144

The FIFA 17 Web App is a way for Ultimate Team players to tweak and customise their teams on their phones and/or laptops. Players can earn coins by trading wisely and build up their squads by the time most people are loading up the game for the very first time. Now Web App is out and available to download. There is a list of 5 things you should keep in mind when you begin to trade.


FIFA 17 web app


1. Not to sell in hurry 

Game players thinks the amount of the cards on the market is small, so they always sell them at once in case they can make profits because once there are more cards pouring into the maket, the price will drop, then they make less money. In fact, wait for some time when cards get a higher demand and sell for a lot more.


2. Not to sell players of great value quickly

It is usual can be seen that in FIFA 17 community, people begin to sell 90 pace players (or higher stats) for such a small amount to make a quick buck. They set radiculously low starting price for major cards. It makes someone else who don't sell headache.


3. Not to discard your cards

If you have a really crap card, don't discard it. Go to My Club and get rid of them appropriately. 


4. Not to open new packs when you get more coins

You may open new packs when you get more coins, but you don't get advantage of this action.  Save the packs for EA Access when you can earn the coins in a different way other than trading. Because in EA Access, you can get coins from playing games and other non-trading related stuff.


5. Cards are going to be at their lowest immediately

Everyone is opening their packs right now and trying to earn as much money as possible. However, selling fast don't bring you benefits.  Just make sure you don't sell really good gold cards for a very low price at the moment.


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