Amazing Coutinho SIF TOTW on FIFA 15

fifa15-coins Date: Mar/07/15 00:42:59 Views: 116

We know that Coutinho had previously been given an in-form card for FIFA 15 FUT, but now we can see that EA has been forced to give the Liverpool FC star a second in-form card due to recent performances.


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Ever since he signed a new contract with the club, the little magician has been in amazing form and now EA are translating this into FIFA 15 for FUT players.

He recently also received a MOTM 82 card, but now you can get your hands on an even better 83 Coutinho TOTW card in a pack for FUT if you are lucky enough.

This card features some great improvements, the most important of which is a 90 stat for dribbling. He’s also had his shooting upgraded to a 78 which is actually a +10 increase to his default card in the same which has 68 for shooting only.

His main weakness is still strength with a very low 52 strength rating. what you think of the brand new Coutinho. Despite his great form, there’s still many who believe that Oscar is better – what do you say to that?