Answer Questions to Win up to 200 USD worth FIFA 15 Coins

fifa15-coins Date: Oct/24/14 09:53:12 Views: 135

Hey guys,

We are doing a survey to our customers, if you participate our survey, you will have a big chance to win Free FIFA 15 Coins, let us check what the questions are:

Questions 1:
Where country are you from? How did you find our site?

Questions 2:
How do you feel about our price? Cheap, fair or high?

Questions 3:
Which site do you often buy game currency from except for our site?

Questions 4:
Do many of your friends also play FIFA 15?

Questions 5:
Please tell us some other games you also play except for FIFA 15?

Questions 6:
Can the payment methods on our site satisfy your needs? Please tell us some other payment methods you want us to add on our site.

Questions 7:
Please tell us some upcoming games that you are expecting

Questions 8:

For FIFA 15 Coins, which one you care the most? Price, delivery speed or customer service?

Questions 9:
Please tell us the shortage of our site or the part you are not satisfied with our site ?

Questions 10:
Would you like to help us promote our site and get the fifa 15 coins as the reward?

Please write your answers and send them to, we will pick some of those who answer very well, and the prizes are as below:

1st Prize ( 1 people ): $200 worth FIFA 15 Coins
2nd Prize ( 2 people ): $100 worth FIFA 15 Coins
3rd Prize ( 3 people ): $50 worth FIFA 15 Coins
4th Prize ( 5 people ): $30 worth FIFA 15 Coins
5th Prize ( 10 people ): $10 worth FIFA 15 Coins

This survey will last for a month time, and we will disclose the winners list on Nov 25, 2014, we will also send you an email if you are picked as the winner. If you have any questions, you can also add our skype: eva4125

Thank you for your support and have fun in FIFA 15!