Every Football Player Dreams Of Growing Up: Madden NFL 18 Is Here

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Madden 18 just got more authentic, with the story mode Longshot update. Longshot, the interactive drama this year's Madden, tells the story of a man who tries to beat the odds to accomplish an impossible dream. For the developers of Madden 18, they were busy worrying about improving graphics and tweaking gameplay, adding features to improve offensive line play and make defenses more interesting. 



If you have ever played any of the Madden football series, you most likely remember this game. Madden NFL 18 have already been released and it done so with the brand new cinematic story mode called Longshot. In Longshot you play the role of forgotten football star Devin Wade. Similar to many games being released in this era, you will help mold the story by making decisions and playing portions of the story. 


Every football player dreams of growing up, getting drafted into the National Football League and getting to be a part of the Madden franchise of video games. At U4GM, listed in order of overall player ratings, from lowest to highest, view more at here. The Frostbite engine helps the game holistically, but its biggest impact in year one is going to be what it means visually.  


Madden 18 is here, and if you're a fan of the franchise, you already know that its music is almost as important as the game itself. More new soundtrack, like Action Bronson, Kendrick Lamar, Steve Aoki and more. For this game, are you expecting watch more new videos and preview more screenshots? Presumably, you are dreaming of buying cheap madden 18 coins at any time? U4GM is your the first and wisest choice.