FIFA 15 Avanced Tips to Get Better Performance

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With November dribbling to an end and cold weather approaching, we can’t think of anything better to warm up on these breezy evenings than FIFA 15. Thankfully, EA Sports rainbow kicked it right into our laps. This year’s edition includes several new features that enhance the beautiful game. This article breaks down some of the advanced maneuvers that will help you get off the bench and onto the pitch.

Scoring is probably the most important aspect of FIFA 15. You’ll go home upset after every game if you can’t figure out how to get the ball past the keeper, and with the goalie receiving a shot of turbo juice this year, it’ll be more challenging than ever, though no one said challenging can’t be fun.

We can’t stress enough that everyone gets to know the finesse shot (RB/R1) very well. The finesse shot is a fancy little maneuver that puts the bend on the ball that all grade A players must have to succeed. The finesse shot is a deadly dance to master, since it increases the skill of the shot and makes it harder for the goalie to get a hand on it. It also makes it harder to control your shot, so practice makes perfect.

The flair shot is something new to FIFA 15. It is a variation of the line drive shot they had in FIFA 14. By holding down LT/L2 and shooting, you now perform the flair shot. This is used for shooting from further out. It is an arched line drive that doesn’t go as high as a normal kick. This shot is harder to pull off, but getting this to go in looks fantastic. Besides, who doesn’t like scoring from 40+ yards out. Gets you bragging rights for the rest of the night.

Similar to past FIFA games, the right thumb stick is the skill stick. This is the mother of all moves that you would use to beat your opponent in a one-on-one situation. This stick is a Pandora’s box of opportunity. When you have possession of the ball, use the right stick to juke, dip, dive, spin and dance past your would-be defender.

The skill stick is for all grades of players. Moves including a simple step over up to the intricacies of a rainbow can be dealt from here. The skill stick is a whole other skill to learn. There is no easy step to mastering the maneuvers

Practice makes perfect when it comes to skill moves, so open up the skill moves in the options and study your butt off. There are a lot of moves to memorize, but adding them to your arsenal will transform you into an improved player.Enjoy yourself!