FIFA 15 Coins Guide:How to purchase Suarez MOTM Card with 90 Ratings

fifa15-coins Date: Feb/28/15 00:35:51 Views: 108

Based on the fantastic performance for Barcelona Vs Man City, Luis Suarez has gained a new MOTM card on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, with 90 rating. In general, he as a comprehensive player is now available in packs. You can purchase FUT 15 coins at for Suarez buying if you need at any time.


Suarez MOTM

Why Suarez get orange card in FUT 15?
In the Al Ittihad Stadium of Manchester, England, two OP teams have a fierce competition in 2014/15 UEFA Champions League. Finally, Barcelona takes the crowns and defeat Manchester with 2:1. Furthermore, the deadly two goals are all performed by Suarez. His success in UEFA Champions League contributes to his membership in MOTM.

And EA wastes no time to confirm it on Twitter, and it has been available in packs for 24 hours. You still have few hours to buy packs with fifa 15 coins PS4 fast.

Why is it worth to gain Suarez in FIFA 15 UT?
From the data, we can see that he is good at shooting and dribbling. Players who own high attack and medium defense mix the features of HL and ML together. So they should be the core of set-up players. When retreating, his movement and reflex are much better than others. As for counterattacking, he can play wide or through the middle. Besides, he can perform well in free kicks and positioning.

For such a wonderful striker, so many eyes are cast on packs. What are you hesitating for? If you need,we can give you cheap FIFA 15 coins PS4 or other consoles with the lowest price.