FIFA 15 exciting new additions

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Why should you order FIFA 15? According to most of the trailers and press releases we have seen from EA Sports this year, you should essentially purchase FIFA 15 because of its enhanced realism and beautiful graphics. It is true that this year the game is going to look much, much better than last year’s (which was already amazing!). All you have to do to see that is watch the trailer. And that would be reason enough—but what about things you can actually do in the game? Has EA actually added any new capabilities to this year’s installment? Is it going to play as great as it looks? The answer is “definitely!” Let’s check out 10 new capabilities that make this year’s game more exciting than ever!

1.Select celebrations.
In FIFA 14, EA Sports allowed you to choose whatever celebration you wanted for your victories. This is great for online gameplay, since you can basically choose the celebration you want to taunt your opponent with. The problem with it was that there were not a whole lot of celebrations to choose from, so the feature got a little repetitious. In FIFA 15, there are going to be tons of new celebrations. They will be more fun and realistic than ever! So look forward to winning online and even more hilarious moments celebrating it.

2.Fast players will be able to accelerate faster.
Not only will fast players be playing a prominent role in FIFA 15 (be sure to check out the official list of the fastest players if you haven’t yet), but those players will be able to put on a full burst of speed more quickly than ever. So not only are the super fast at full speed, but they can accelerate fast too. If you have played the demo, you probably have already noticed this.

3.Dive in-depth into tactics.
We’ve been able to mess with tactics in previous installments, but never like this. Before, the user interface was confusing and didn’t really give us the control we needed to experiment and come up with awesome results. That is all going to change with FIFA 15, which gives players advanced control over tactics as well as the ability to easily test out new strategies before trying them live on the field. The menus are way more intuitive, and it only takes a few clicks to make changes. You have more control than ever during pre-game and half-time, but also on the fly as games are in progress. For a lot of players, these changes are not only going to lead to more fun, but also to more skillful game play.

4.Check out all the Premiere League stadiums.
All 20 Premiere League stadiums are going to be part of FIFA 15, and each has been rendered in incredible detail. In the demo, you have a chance to check out Anfield, and that alone is pretty amazing. It is just a preview of all the amazing stadiums to come in the full release. Everything is intact from the banner that says “This is Anfield” to the billboards to the feel of the turf.

5.Much better goalkeepers
While FIFA has put incredible work into the majority of the players on the field in past years, one area where they were sorely lacking was the goalkeepers. Goalkeepers in previous titles often behaved in confusing and seemingly random ways. Nothing is more frustrating than losing a game because the goalkeeper doesn’t seem to be doing his job. Now, goalkeepers have been improved both cosmetically and practically; their moves look more realistic, but they also are more realistic, and seem to be founded in common sense. As a result, you can expect to have a harder time scoring against your opponent, but an easier time defending your own goal.

6.Goal line technology has been integrated.
Okay, to be fair, this is not something you can actually do, but it’s hard to argue it’s a purely aesthetic change. IFAB approved goal line technology two years back for real-life soccer games, so referees can now make a solid determination on whether or not a goal was scored. Now EA Sports has added that feature to FIFA 15. When you score, you will clearly see that you scored. When you didn’t, the technology will tell you, “No score.” It helps to clarify game play, and again, adds realism to the game.

7.More powerful finesse shots.
Do you look back with some nostalgia to the over-powered finesse shots in FIFA 12? While the finesse shots in that game were certainly possible in real life, they were much more common in the game, to the point where they were not very realistic. As a result, EA Sports tried to “balance” out this issue by reducing the power of the finesse shot substantially in FIFA 13 and 14. At that point, the finesse shot had been crippled, and a lot of gamers switched to using basic shots almost every time just to get the job done.

Now EA is doing its best to finally achieve the right balance with finesse shots. They will be more powerful than they were over the previous two years, but still less crazy powerful than they were back in FIFA 12. Hopefully this time they’ve got it right, and it will make sense to try and use the finesse shot now and again

8.Get more emotionally involved.
With more than 600 new player emotions, players on the field will react in amazing ways to their victories and defeats. Realism will no longer be just skin-deep; players will now behave as realistically as they appear, and display amazing emotional intelligence. This will make it easier for the player of FIFA 15 to get more emotionally involved with the players on the virtual field.

9.More reliable player ratings
The player ratings are highly anticipated each year, but in past years, we have noticed that the performance of players in the game didn’t always seem to match the ratings assigned to them. Players who should have outperformed others according to their ratings would fall strangely short, and those that we didn’t expect that much from sometimes did astoundingly well. This year, FIFA’s player ratings should be more meaningful. Improvements in physics and player movements will empower highly rated players to perform to their best. In the past, the mechanics simply weren’t in place yet.

10.Laugh or cry over new glitches.
With the demo out for around a week now, already the player complaints are steamrolling in, and EA Sports is struggling to fix all the bugs which have already been discovered. Of course, this is one of the purposes of a demo; to identify and patch up bugs before the main release. But we already know they won’t take care of them all. We recommend not letting it get you down too much. While EA’s releases are notoriously buggy, at least sometimes the glitches are funny, and hey—the game is still incredible.

FIFA 15 is due for release in North America on the 23rd … that is on TUESDAY.Have you ordered FIFA 15 android,FIFA 15 PS4 and FIFA Xbox One yet? No? Seriously, what are you waiting for? Those amazing bonuses are not going to hang around for long. You only have a few days, so get those pre-orders in!