FIFA 15 for PS4, PS3, XBOX One, XBOX 360 will be available this week

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In a week that will see the launches of many exciting games, FIFA 15 will make its way into the Australian market.And the game features Australian player Tim Cahill along with international sensation Lionel Messi.The game will be launching for the PS4, PS3, XBOX One, XBOX 360 as well as Nintendo’s 3DS.

The game, which is expected to be one of the marquee games by EA Sports, is expected to be a major blockbuster and the biggest hit post destiny and pre GTA V.

The game will release in a week where it will face competition from various other games, as it will release in a week where Wasteland 2 for PC and Mac releases on 22nd. Will compete against Gauntlet for PC on 24th, Two PS3 exclusives also launch on 25th, the day FIFA launches, they are – Ar NoSurge: Ode to an Unborn Star and Fairy Fencer F, both of them a PS3-only release.

On the same date it will face stiff competition on the 3DS platform from the 3DS exclusive release – Tenkai Knights: Brave Battle. It will also be facing a stiff competition against Fantasy Life, which also, is a 3DS only release.

The game will be featuring a lot of elements of realism, as it will feature a lot of player specific movements, akin to their real life actions and reactions. It will also feature the real life shirt pulling movements, and a lot of emphasis has been on the finesse.

Dribbling the ball now considers the balancing into the scheme of things, and a variety of dodge and stutter movements have been added to the players’ arsenals to beat the defenders.

In more realistic aspects, minor details have been considered. Messi now favours his left foot to kick the ball, just like he actually does in real life, there will also be a “real world goal line” technology in the game which was earlier used in FIFA worldcup 2014.

Thus the fans of soccer get the chance to show their soccer skills over the internet. The FIFA coins online give them a chance to experience an adrenaline rush in their body and yet they have to conform to the official rules of FIFA.