FIFA 15 Game Guide:How to Make Full Use of Corners

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Classic cross
A classic cross does not take too much effort - the most important factors are choosing the right direction and strength with which you want to kick the ball. In order to perform a classic corner, press the throw in/cross button. It is a good idea to play the ball towards the sixteenth meter - usually there is a lonely player there, who can perform a clean and strong shot.

Low cross
A low cross can be useful to play the ball to the near post towards an incoming player who can try to surprise the opposing goalkeeper with a sharp angle shot. To perform a low cross, press the throw in/cross button twice.

Ground cross
A ground cross can be done when you are sure that the player to whom you are going to pass the ball is in a straight line from you, with no opponent being able to intercept the ball. In order to perform a ground cross, press the throw in/cross button three times.

Changing the executor
In order to change the corner executioner, press R2 (RT, Shift) and choose a different player from the list. Pay attention to the players' skills.

Switching to a receiver
At any moment you can give up performing a cross personally, instead trying to win a good position to receive the ball played by your teammate. In order to switch to one of the players inside the penalty area, press the right stick. Then you have to struggle to win a good position and when the moment is right ask for the ball.