FIFA 15 Offense Guide:How to effectively use the flanks

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Effectively using the flanks is very often the basis of success in a given match and a possibility of surprising the opponent with an uncommon action, using the fact that the opponents are focused on the center of the field. Opponents often tend to leave an empty area at the very sides of the field, so you should be able to effectively use that chance and often use that part of the field to your advantage.


fifa15 flank


Of course the basic way of using the speed of wingmen would be an accurate short pass and an early start of the wingman, which can give you a few seconds of advantage and a possibility of playing the ball into the penalty zone.

A great way of using the width of the field is a quick lob to its other side - it is difficult and requires much precision, but at the same time lets you easily surprise the opponent's defence. A well addressed cross ball not only opens free space on the other side of the field, but also lets your attacker reach a clear position and pass the ball to an incoming teammate. Despite it being a very difficult pass to receive, a successful attempt can lead to a very simple and yet highly effective offensive action.