FIFA 15 Ultimate Team :FIFA 15 Body Feint Guide

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The Body Feint is one of FIFA’s more simple, but in demand skills. People want easy but deadly, and the body feint can give them that when utilized properly.


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Controls: When facing left to right, flick down on the right stick to body feint to your right. Flick up to body feint to your left.
Effectiveness: 4/5. On it’s own, it’s a zero, but there is an exit touch — we’ll get into that — that makes it a bitch to defend.
Complexity: 2/5. Just a simple flick of the right stick. The only fold that can be goofy is the exit touches, but you can get the hang of it.
Combo-ability: 4/5. The exit touches can be a tad long, but body feints are nice to combo because they can be at the beginning or end of a chain.

Exit Touches
This is an absolutely vital part of the move.

The Standard: When facing left to right. If you body feint right (down on the right stick) pull up on the left stick. If you body feint left (up on the right stick) pull down on the left stick. The standard exit gives you the cutting motion with a nice speedy acceleration out of the gate. It also faces you the direction you cut, which can create a quick shot. It’s a necessity that your body feint is followed by an exit.

When to use
Cutting In: The simplest way to use the body feint + exit. Say you’re running down the right wing going left to right, you body feint to your right, pull the left stick up and cut to the left. You will now be going from the right touch line to the left and facing that way with a full head of steam. You can finesse shot it, pass, or use a combo.

What you want to look for in your defender here is where they’re standing. If they are backed off and in front of you to try and block a potential cross, cut into the space they’re leaving you in front of them. If they’re behind you trying to play the spin lane (I’ll talk about that in a later guide) then cut quickly with it.

The Through on Goal Cut: The second primary use of the body feint I’ve found is that it’s good to get you through on goal. As I mentioned above, you face the direction you cut after the exit touch. If you cut towards the net, you’ll be facing the goal with just the keeper to beat.

Popular combos.
As I said above, the body feint is really easy to combo. There’s two main ways to use body feint combos. Either a double cut (left then right, right then left) or a cut plus a direct take-on. Here’s some more popular combos that I’ve seen.

Double Body Feint: Basically imagine a big Z. That’s what you’re doing here. What you want to achieve with this combo is to get your opponent to bite down on that first feint, and then move by him with the second.

Body Feint to Roulette: Similar to the Double Body Feint in that you want to get the person biting down on the first body feint. After that though, hit them with a Roulette (or an elastico if you are feeling up to it) and burst by them. This is more useful than the double body feint if your first body feint exit left you running towards the goal.

And that’s it. Hope you enjoyed. If you have any recommendations for the series in terms of clips/formatting/etc let us know. I want this to be the best it can be for all of you. And good luck!