FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Guide to Build a Cheap Squad

fifa15-coins Date: Oct/11/14 10:55:11 Views: 126

FIFA Ultimate Team’s new season is underway, and gold cards are in short supply. How do you get the best bang for your virtual buck? Here we puts together a winning squad for slim budgets.

Manchester United signed Angel Di Maria for a British record transfer fee of £59.7 million during the summer. Blackpool progressed through pre-season with just eight players — four of which were strikers — forcing the side to scramble a host of free and loan signings just to submit a first XI on the opening day of the season. Football is a game of contrasting wealth.

As players of FIFA 15’s Ultimate Team mode will already be finding out, the David vs. Goliath scenario is apparent in the virtual world of last minute winners and conspicuous hair transplants.

Many players choose to spend the funds of a Russian oligarch on their teams. Real dollar. Others will have tremendous pack luck from the off. If you tick neither of these boxes and prioritise the in-game currency above all, it can be extremely intimidating to continuously face top-notch sides at this point of the title’s life-cycle.Fear not, penniless vagabonds of the FIFA world: there is an answer that won’t require you to sell your body—including postage and packaging—on eBay.

Creating cheap gold teams is particularly difficult right now due to limited amounts of each player being available on the market place. Prices typically cheapen as the year progresses and each professional becomes more common. This means it may be wise idea to wait before making any major purchases. Until that time arrives, you’re going to need a side worthy of the recession we’ve so gloriously embraced.

We set it upon ourselves to scour the market for bargain stars who can easily compete with the best. The purpose? To show exactly what attributes you should be looking for in your team, no matter your budget. Focusing on the English Premier League — which offers the most expensive golds across the board right now — We aimed to create a side that offers pace, power and versatility. Remember, chemistry and work-rates are key.