FIFA 15 Updates Made the Game Worse in Goal Accuracy

fifa15-coins Date: Nov/12/14 11:17:18 Views: 92

Along with the release of FIFA 15, EA Sports launched several updates and patches to fix the issues and bug occurred. But what is the result? FIFA 15 fans find that the updates have made the game worse in goal accuracy.


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All FIFA 15 fans are expected that the updates can fix the issues that annoyed them when playing. But now they complained that with the updates applied, they find the game seems to be a different one and hard to play.
They complained that keepers are absolutely awful now, much worse than before. They dive the wrong way before the ball is even hit. You can run the ball straight to the corner of the post and just shoot with 90% goal scoring accuracy because the keepers will dive instead of cutting off the angle. Defenders no longer defend. Now they just run straight at the other players no matter what moves the offensive player make.

An experienced player said in reddit that he has played FIFA 15 PS 4 since it released and just drops away for a week, but he finds that the games become totally different when he starts to play again. The ball felt more sensitive, all of the opposing players were using a ton of slide tackles, and the game felt more fast paced. But all game settings were the same as before, speed was normal as always, and difficulty was set to world class. Nothing changed there either.

No official announcement declaimed at this point. What’s more, it seems that the same thing happened in FIFA 14 too. What you can do now is trying to adapt to the pace and game-plays of the “new” FIFA 15 and master FIFA 15 shooting skills at the same time.

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