FIFA 15 Vs. PES 2015:10 Key Aspects Compared Part 2

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5. Licenses
On the surface, FIFA 15 is the easy winner with the official Premier League but PES 2015 has done amazing work with football’s biggest competition; The UEFA Champions League. EA Sports quite rightly show off the Premier League license in nearly every menu but the exclusion of the Champions League and Europa League still frustrates millions of FIFA fans.

EA have exclusive rights to the Premier League for another year and similarly, Konami’s license with UEFA is up in 2016 so it will be interesting to see if all can be in both games.

As it stands, it depends whether you enjoy the aesthetic and realistic look over the fake leagues of PES 2015. The players are licensed so Aguero will be at Manchester City but for some people, just seeing Man Blue in the menu with a fake crest is enough to warrant a purchase of FIFA 15. It’s a pity because 15 minutes will see all premier league team names changed to reflect their proper team and the licensed teams look better than FIFA.

All in all, the Premier League and Bundesliga as well as the fully licensed Italian and Spanish divisions mean FIFA 15 wins by default.

Winner: FIFA 15

4. Online
FIFA 15 is probably the worst online iteration in the series and PES 2015 is still struggling to give players a fair experience. When both play without their faults, PES 2015 shines through. The lag is minimal and the improved matchmaking means games are more even now. FIFA on the other hand, is still exciting and still always playable, no matter how frustrating.

At its worst, FIFA 15 continues to alienate its core fanbase. Most games descend into speed-fests with gamers unable to play proper football. Unfortunately, the same can be said for PES 2015. Both games have their flaws and for once their is no clear winner. FIFA 15’s problems are mixed with some being fixed and others ignored. The Xbox One version of the game is a lot better than Konami’s offering and vice-versa for the PS4. It’s nearly not worth choosing a winner but at a push, FIFA 15 just scrapes by, barely.

Winner: FIFA 15

3. Team A.I.
FIFA fans have been crying out for better AI for years so it’s an even tougher pill to swallow when PES 2015 is in full flight. Player emotions, team intelligence, chemistry and spirit are all intertwined to brilliant effect resulting in the most realistic football simulation Konami have ever created. And yes, that includes the sublime Pro Evo 5. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what happens on the pitch and herein lies the magic.

It’s amazing to see Barcelona’s famous passing triangles and Real Madrid’s blistering counter-attacking breaks replicated in a football series that has often struggled to match Team AI with the consistently brilliant Player ID. Home and away fixtures in a cup competition are soulless and bland in FIFA 15, yet in PES 2015, the gameplay flirts with perfection.

FIFA 15 suffers greatly from from its coding with it being quite comical to see Aston Villa with a 75% possession statistic against Chelsea on Legendary difficulty. PES 2015 on its most difficult setting doesn’t make every team Bayern Munich, it ingeniously amps up how that team plays and helps them make less mistakes.

Atletico Madrid will bully you, Barcelona will pass you to death and Stoke City will park the bus and plough balls forward to Peter Crouch. It’s something even purists can’t argue. FIFA 15 continues to focus on big moments and maintaining chances for even the weakest teams or players. Its pace feels hectic and its outcomes arbitrary. PES 2015 flows naturally.

Winner: PES 2015

2. Community
The FIFA community is a lot bigger so comparing both fan bases might seem futile but there are more similarities than differences. FIFA 15 is a difficult game to love. Most players are devoid of basic football knowledge and it is for this reason that EA Sports continue to dumb down the gameplay. Ultimate team is a brilliant mode in theory, yet in reality, most games follow a pattern that continues to infuriate genuine football fans.

Over the top through balls, speed, full assist no-look passing, speed, high pressure, all out attack and was speed mentioned already? It’s not football but 9/10 players play this way to win at all costs. PES 2015 has been plagued with online issues since the first servers from Konami went live with PES 6 and still continues to struggle but not with their online infrastructure.

Some online players still feel the need to cheat when things don’t go their way and while Konami have improved things, it still happens in tournaments when big money is on the line. Both communities have their good and bad points and it would be wrong to let a few bad eggs spoil both games.

The editing community is brilliantly helpful to newcomers and the community based leagues are great for fans who want to meet fellow players for friendly games without the online abuse.

Winner: PES 2015

1. Gameplay
What makes you buy FIFA or PES? Is it the licences or presentation? Is it the pop culture influence? There’s no doubt that EA Sports currently own the football market but the reasons for that are becoming less clear. Are we simply forgetting what football is all about? In this day and age, are graphics and proper teams more important than sheer gameplay?

PES 2015 is superior on the pitch in several key areas because it makes you play football. Passing requires greater skill enabling you to thread pin-point balls that split the defence. For once in PES and contradictory to FIFA, there doesn’t seem to be a overpowered type of pass that’s guaranteed to work – chipped though-balls can be devastating but can be easily defended if you spot the run; similarly playing it wide draw defenders out, giving attackers more room in the box, but skilled players can now cover themselves more easily.

The variability of scoring is miles ahead of FIFA 15 also. Matches in FIFA 15 are usually decided by finesse shots, headers or simple tap ins as you sweat it across the goals but in PES 2015, shooting is undoubtedly one of the most appealing aspects of the game. It’s difficult to score but having a crack is always encouraged. Rarely will you score the same goal.

Crossing is slightly underpowered and wingers seem less pacey so it’s not simply a case of passing to your star winger and ripping up the wings. Goals need to be crafted by carving defences open but brilliantly, you can still score the flukey last minute winner with a late push.

FIFA 15 struggles with defence and the AI, both player wise and team included suffers from stupidity on various occasions throughout matches. This year, Konami boldly claimed the pitch was theirs and for sheer gameplay, they have succeeded.

Winner: PES 2015

So the deciding vote is left up to you. PES 2015 is a much better game on the pitch and FIFA 15 is visually superb. Which is more important? Is gameplay enough on its own? You decide!