FIFA Guide:Things You Do During FUTmas and TOTY

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FUTmas and TOTY are the hottest topic discussed between FIFA players these days.What to do during FUTmas and TOTY ?Here we will give you a comprehensive guide so hopefully this can help a lot of you.

From the 19th of December until 2nd January EA run a promotion they call FUTmas. During this time they have daily offers on packs often at a reduced price, more pack openings creates an influx of players onto the transfer market which in turn causes market prices to drop due to the lessened demand. I am assuming they will also be giving daily gifts away on the web app too, so remember to check this daily if you don't already. Prices should be at their lowest on the 2nd of January and will slowly rise on most cards up until approximately the 11th of January. Players that are in high demand, such as Aguero, Hazard, Robben, will increase in price quicker than players that are quite common (Ibarbo, Doumbia etc) so invest wisely for maximum profits.

From January 12th the market will go into free-fall and will bottom out around the 18th of January when the TOTY cards are removed from packs.

On January 18th prices will be roughly between 40 and 50% of their current values, before rising again up to approximately 85% of their original price. Please take note that this will not be the same in all cases, some players will regain more than 85% and some much less. Again high demand players pose less of a risk and historically have tended to hold their value better.

Finally, just remember that they are your coins, so a few extra minutes checking the market and trading sites can save you thousands. Don't just assume that because a price was good yesterday that it still is today. And if you make a mistake try to learn from it, trust me we all make them. Good luck.