FIFA15-COINS , A Short Review

fifa15-coins Date: May/13/15 13:54:19 Views: 182

Many people asked us the same questions over and over again: Is FIFA15-COINS legit? Is FIFA15-COINS reliable? Can I trust FIFA15-COINS with my money? Our answer is always the same, for the past seven years: Yes. FIFA15-COINS is one of the most used and popular websites in the world to buy cheap FIFA Ultimate Team coins. They offer a wide range of other FIFA related products. We trust them 100%.



FIFA15-COINS is a company based in USA. Their website is accessible in English, French and German and other languages. Their main website is in English. They offer coins for the PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox One and 360, Windows PC and the free Ultimate Team apps on Android and iOS. It’s pretty easy to buy coins. They deliver them between 5 minutes and 360 minutes. We have bought coins for our Ultimate Team at FIFA15-COINS about twenty times. Most of the time they bought our transfer listed player between 10 and 30 minutes. The one time we made a ‘mistake’ in the player name we have listed, the 24/7 live support customer service was very helpful. They came up with a solution within the hour. We always got our coins, minus the 5% EA Tax.

Buying coins is also very easy at FIFA15-COINS. They offer a how to buy coins guide where they explain every step. You can find the articles on their website when you click on Help Center.