FIFA15 Ultimate Team Trading:Hourly price fluctuations

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There are many guides out there which have their own tricks to making money. I've got myself to a point where I'm making a minimum of 50k per day doing nothing but trading, I thought I should pass it on as there's piles of coins out there to claim if you know how use hourly price fluctuations smartly .

I don't know if you're aware, but prices fluctuate wildly during the day.Especially in the just past TOTY week.Hourly price fluctuations will get you from 6 figures to 7 figures. I often make 40-50k per trade using this method.

The basics of trade
Buy low and sell high.
The price is defined by the seller, but the value is defined by the buyer.
Lots of supply is a buyers market. Lots of demand is a sellers market.

There are times during the day in which the prices are 10-20% cheaper than at other times of the day and you can use that to your advantage by buying and selling the same card over and over. I find the best time to buy is around 5AM GMT and the best time to sell is around 7PM GMT. Bear in mind that you pay 5% tax so be sure to cover that.You can buy some great cards at great prices if you time your bidding perfectly.

Have fun out there. There's tons of fifa coins to be made if you know how!