Full Guide to EA Tax

fifa15-coins Date: Apr/15/15 23:23:12 Views: 103

Are you still wondering why there isn’t as much money added to your balance as the amount of money you’ve sold the player for? Well, in this article, everything will be explained to you about this weird feature in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team



What is EA Tax?
The EA Tax is a way for Electronic Arts to make money out of the transfers that are happening in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. On each transfer that has been made in the market, EA takes 5% of the amount of coins. For example:

Mario Balotelli was sold for 100.000 coins, this means that the buyer pays 100.000 coins. BUT, the seller only gets 95.000 coins, because EA takes 5% (which equals 5.000 coins in this situation)! This means that the seller makes less money then he expected to do.

EA Tax Calculator
Here we will publish a EA Tax Calculator in which you can calculate the amount of the EA Tax. It also shows the amount of coins you will get. This calculator works like this:
1.Enter an amount
2.The calculator shows the following three things
1).What you’ll get by selling a player for the inserted amount
2).The 5%-EA Tax
3).The amount of coins for which you want to sell your player, to earn the inserted amount