FUT 15 Mass Bidding Coin Making Method

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Mass Bidding is the process of selecting a player and bidding a profitable amount on as many of your chosen player as possible (preferably up until an hour). Once you have won several of the auctions you then list your selected player at a Buy Now price for his going rate, ensuring he sells and that you make quick profit on each player bought.

Step-by-step summary:
1.Pick a popular player, listed in high volume.
2.Check your chosen player’s latest Buy Now / bid price by adding several to your Transfer Targets.
3.Calculate your profitable maximum mass bid price for that player.
4.Mass bid on as many of your chosen player as possible up until an hour.
5.Clear your Transfer Targets, and send all won auctions to your Transfer List.
6.List the players you have won on the Transfer Market for their going Buy Now price.

The beauty of this method is that you do not have to invest a lot of time. You can simply bid on as many of your chosen player at your designated price up until an hour and forget about the cards you lose. We highly recommend you stick to your Max. Price and DO NOT get involved in bid wars when using this method. If bidding on multiple players note down each players going price for convenience.

Please Note:
If you find that you are winning no players (even when making small profit margins of 10%), then this is likely to happen when other FUTers are also trying to do this with the same player. Depending on how many coins you want to make, will depend upon the likelihood of winning the player on auction. It is important you spend time testing the Mass Bidding technique on a variety of players to see which work best.

Tips to increase the likelihood of winning players:
1.Try bidding outside of prime hours (preferably outside of 3.30pm – 12am UK time).
2.Try to find players that are listed in high volume.
3.Try to lower your profit margin (preferably to around 10%).

Tips to increase the likelihood of selling your players:
1.If you are selling your players whilst you are away from the Console / Web App or sleeping, we advise listing players for 6 / 12 hour Transfer Durations.
2.If you see cheaply listed Buy Now’s whilst your cards are listed, then purchase them and sell at their going Buy Now price. This will ensure you make profit on the cards you’ve just bought and will increase the chance of selling your cards quickly.