FUT15 Updated :FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coming Back Online

fifa15-coins Date: Mar/10/15 23:42:50 Views: 67

The development team at EA Sports is announcing that it is now bringing back the Ultimate Team mode for FIFA 15 and that the feature should be soon available for gamers on all platforms, allowing them to once again manage their rosters and play matches.


fifa15 ultimate team

The problem is that they will have to wait longer for the transfers to actually be live as the studio is aiming to only restart them on one platform at a time and has selected the PC to go first.

FIFA 15 fans are not happy with the choice and they will have to wait another two hours before another device is chosen for the transfer restart, with the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 probably coming ahead of the last gen consoles.

The slow return to full capacity of the Ultimate Team is designed to make sure that all the concepts associated with the new Price Range feature work well on each device.

From now on all items listed in the transfer market for FIFA 15 will have caps and EA Sports says that this will make the entire experience more balanced in the long term and will allow more gamers to gain access to star players.