Guide to buy fifa 15 coins on FIFA15-COINS.COM with price ranges

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EA’s new feature, Price Ranges, has an effect on ways to buy FIFA 15 coins online. After much deliberation, a convenient and safe decision has been reached by fifa15-coins.



How to buy FIFA coins easily on FIFA15-COINS?
1. Place order for a certain amount of FIFA coins as before.
2. Go to our 24/7 Live Help and tell our reps your Account Name, Password and Verification Code. For the safety of your account, please DO NOT tell anyone your order details except our online supporter.
3. Please leave at least 200K FIFA 15 coins, which will be easier for us to make a smooth transfer.
4. Never log in the game nor change password when we are processing your order. Once your order is completed, we will inform you via email.
5. After coins you order are transferred, there will be no changes for your player cards.

What advantages is this purchase method?
First, it is the most convenient way to purchase cheap FIFA 15 coins since Price Ranges go live. You don’t need to repeat to list players one by one in order to get amount of FUT 15 coins you need from the slim price differences.
Second, coins can be transferred quickly into your account. Instead of contacting Live Help to purchase your players, you just need to tell our reps your account information and throw all things to them, which will be more time-saving.
The last but the most important one is, all your player cards will remain, along with an exact amount of coins you ordered on Fifapal. Thus, you don’t worry the drain of high-quality players.

How to protect my account from hacking?
As a professional FIFA coins supplier, we never do anything bad for your account, because to build a long and successful partnership with you are our ultimate objective. So there will be neither botting nor cheating on FIFA15-COINS.COM. Meanwhile, our 24/7 Live Chat is the ONLY SAFE place to deal with your order, so DO NOT tell your account details to any others.

You can buy FIFA 15 coins Xbox, PS and PC now on Besides, be aware that FIFA 15 coins Android and IOS trade as before.