How to have fun in FUT 15 Free

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Before you try the followng useful tips, at first pls let me thanks to the bubbleplayTV from Reddit who share his smart ideas to all fifa fans .So now let's dig into the best way to have fun in FUT without spending money.




Simple Rules:
1.You can only use players that are 23 or younger.
2.After every game, you pick a player randomly and you have to play him for at least one game. Loss — bronze. Draw — non-rare silver. Win — rare silver. I use Futhead Random Card feature. Just pressing button until I get a card of right age and rareness.
3.Two wins in a row — non-rare gold. Three wins in a row or more — rare gold. For those I use and pick a number and then look at one of those lists. 4.All 53 non-rare golds. All 60 rare golds
After end of the season, you get a reward. Won title — pick extra rare gold. Promoted - non-rare gold. Held - rare silver.

My record at the moment is 31-17-39. I started it on new account and right now I have 14.687 coins saved. 90% of all the players you can get are cheaper than 500 coins. If you get someone who is super-expensive like IF Neymar, it’s your call. You can get him in and build team around him, or you can refuse him and "pick again".

Why is this so much fun (for me personally):
1.This is really challenging. You face good squads all the time, and you have to be freakin SURGICAL. You can’t rely on pace, you have to play smart. I feel that I got much better in this game since I started this way of playing. Before I started that thing, I always had posession below 50%, now I always get 55% with 80% pass accuracy even playing with all-bronze-no-chemistry squad against top BBVA team. It’s a small thing, but I feel great about it.

2.You can’t buy whoever you want, so you learn to appreciate what you have. I have 4 squads Spanish-German one, Dutch, English and French. Most of this players I would’ve never used otherwise and it’s a shame. Now I know that Morata is a tank, 66-overall Cyprien is a fast beast and so on. If you ever managed crappy team on Football Manager, you will get the same feeling of discovery.

3.It’s fun to build squads when you are limited in your options. You are forced to be creative, to “manage” different squads. Also, feeling is kinda similar to Football Manager. You learn that chemistry is not crucial and Raheem Sterling on 4 chem is still a beast :)

4.Thrill of picking player randomly is basically the same as opening packs. Especially if you won games in a row and you get to pick GOLD! Oh man, when you get a player that makes your team better… Personally, I feel like I packed Messi or something.

5.Being underdog all the time is fun. People see my squad and think “Oh, those weird bronze-silver team is gonna be an easy win”. It’s fun to beat those arrogant people. When you beat 5-star team with 65-overall team with 50 chemistry… You feel great and rightly so.

You can just trying it now ,It is really a cheap and challenging way to play. Great way to test your skills and improve. It works wonders for us to save lots of fifa 15 coins!