Make FIFA 15 Coins with In Form Cards Method

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This in form card method is widely used by some experienced FIFA ultimate team gamers. It is a decent way to make FIFA coins. Read this article and find out something you should do to make FIFA coins by the method and maximize your margins.

So what is this method about? The people who know the market of FIFA ultimate team well could predict it. They hold the knowledge that could be transformed into FIFA coins richness. This method is mainly about benefiting from the predictability the prices behavior of IF cards.

If card is a special edition of the player card that stood out for good performances in real world. The cards that were release during limited time in the packs for at most one week have enhanced the attributes of players and as a result they are very valuable compared to the normal edition.

There are some types of IF cards, which depends on the serious competition in which players stood out: TOTS, MOTM, TOTY or TOTW. To know more about the IF cards, read this article and learn about them. People who learn carefully about the cards will know that their prices have the behavior somehow predictable. Once you have known the time when the price of the IF card would be high and the time it would be low, you could purchase them and resell them with this guarantee that you’ll surely gain FIFA coins profit.

These are all steps to make use of this IF card method in FIFA ultimate team. You should start from choosing the IF cards that just released, which were according to budget. There were few secondary factors for this and it could vary the price in unpredictable ways. Buy the IF cards when their prices reach minimum according to that pattern you know.

It’s true that there’s the pattern in the behavior of the prices of IF cards, but you will need much attention to the factors which could make them vary. Their prices might be inflated due to these reasons: popular players or the ones in popular leagues; players with great enhancement on the pace attribute; players whose position was changed and rating increased to over 74; players who have had IF cards and who have had high rating; players who didn’t have any competition in specific position for particular nationality or league.

Once you’ve paid attention to football of real world, you could guess some players that would be released with IF version. The knowledge anticipation could be monetized into FIFA 15 coins as well. Those NIF cards will become cheaper when IF cards launched. It is easy to know the reason: people will want to sell NIF cards with really cheap FIFA 15 coins and invest on IF cards.

Notes:One important thing of the method is to learn about the pattern of the prices of IF cards in FIFA ultimate team.