NBA 2K18: Players Will Be Offered More Customization Options

fifa15-coins Date: Aug/15/17 14:41:54 Views: 92

New techniques for the digitization of the athletes and jerseys exhibited Manufacturer 2K has released the first gameplay trailer for the upcoming basketball game "NBA 2K18". In it the revised graphic engine is shown for the first time in action. According to a release from the developer, new processes were used for this year's edition in order to digitize the athletes as realistically as possible.



For example, new photographic techniques have been used which can produce more accurate player skin tones by color separation, which react authentically to light incidence. Furthermore, the developer team has scanned every single jersey as well as 200 pairs of shoes to imitate every detail up to the seams. The same applies to the athletes whose characteristics have been scanned from the tattoos to the scars and beard hair. In addition, this time, players will be offered more customization options to create their own character.




NBA 2K18 will be released on September 15 for PS4 and Xbox One. Before 8 September, there will be the opportunity to try out the start of the career mode for free in a demo. When you need NBA 2K18 MT in game, feel free to U4NBA to buy what you need. We always have plenty of cheapest NBA 2K18 MT for sale.