NHL 18 Franchise Mode Is All About The Fantasy Experience

fifa15-coins Date: Aug/28/17 17:33:02 Views: 116

In the latest trailer of NHL 18, it mainly talks about all the new features coming to franchise mode in the upcoming game. For this official trailer, recommend you visit here to watch it. The biggest change is the ability to do an expansion draft for a new 32nd team. As far as I concerned, the biggest feature is the ability to extend contracts mid season. 



Players will have three different ways to begin Franchise mode in NHL 18. Of course, most gamers will play the Classic Franchise mode to play their favorite team and navigate through multiple seasons in a standard 31-team NHL league. While this is the way Franchise has always been done, EA SPORTS added two more ways to begin Franchise and it is fascinating.


The expansion team can be from an assortment of cities all around the world. The mode lets the AI create protection lists, and then you can follow league rules to craft a team with the remaining players via an expansion draft. You then can craft a mascot and all sorts of features for the team. You can also allow the mode to be enabled and play as your favorite team instead, and then craft your own protection list and deal with the circumstances.


NHL 18 has a feature that lets fans of other teams go back and submit different protection lists to see how the draft would have changed. Franchise Mode is all about the fantasy experience, in the meantime, NHL 18 is indeed this year's sought-after NHL series gameplay. Players are required for buying NHL 18 Coins at U4GM, what you need to do is believing us and enjoying the game.