Steps to Creat Your Better Fut Manager Mode

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Here we are sharing you how to creat your Fut Manager Mode steps by steps.

Step 1: Create a new account, and set up a new FUT.
The name of the club will be your managers name, and the squad will be the club you eventually select.
Mr. Manager
RSC Anderlecht
You will be able to transfer up to 40k to this 2nd club to fund it. This will help you create your initial squads (squad, appropriate kits and nearest stadium). The extra amount will help you buy contracts as need or anything else you think may benefit your club.

Step 2: You will be represented by a manager.
You must pick a manager that represents your citizenship or ethnicity. You can not change since it will represent you, but you will change your league accordingly.

Step 3: You will be able to pick your initial league, but it will have to be in a "starter" league.
As you gain prestige, You can move up to higher clubs. You can do this by keeping a star rating or just doing it according to your current division.

Step 4: Captain your country.
Create a national side that represents your citizenship or ethnicity. This will be your fitness squad. I use them solely in tournaments.

Division Types
Div 1-3
Div 4-6
Serie A - Ligue 1
Div 6-8
Russian League - Super Lig - Primeira Liga - Eredivisie - MLS - Süper Lig - Liga Adelante - FL Championship
Div 9-10
Airtricity League - Football League 2 - Scotland League - Football League - Ekstraklasa - Allsvenskan - Tippeligaen - Ligue 2 - Serie B - A-League - Superliga - South African - FLUkrayina Liha - Primera División - ALJ League - LIGA Bancomer MX - Hellas Liga - Scottish Prem - Pro League - Raiffeisen SL - Camp. Scotiabank - 2. Bundesliga - Liga Postobón - A. Bundesliga - K LEAGUE.

You will be able to pick your initial league, but it will have to be in a "starter" league. You can pick any club within the league you have selected. Your squad must always be atleast 60% of that club. The other 40% will be "free agents" from within the league or link-able players.

You may also switch clubs within the league, but must have a successful season which means avoiding relegation.
If you get relegated, you are fired. You must pick a squad from lesser league.
If you obtain a title, you are promoted. You can pick a squad from a higher league.

The last but not least,Pretty much straight forward in terms of concept. You can change it to suit your needs. Here you have it, you can try it out now!