Team of the Season Guide for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

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Q: What TOTS means ?
A: TOTS means “Team of the Season”.

Q: What exactly is a TOTS ?
A: Team of the Season joins the players who have played better on the whole season.

Q: What is the difference between TOTW and TOTS ?
A: Team of the Week is about the best players of the week. Team of the Season is about the best players of the season.

Q: What is the difference between TOTY and TOTS ?
A: TOTY is a team made by the players who played better during the calendar year, according to the FIFPro’s voting. The TOTS has nothing to do with the calendar year. It is about the players of each league who have played better during the season (usually between August/September and May) and they are not chosen by FIFPro members.

Q: Which one is better: TOTY or TOTS cards ?
A: To the same player, TOTY card has better stats than his TOTS version.

Q: The TOTS cards are In Form cards ?
A: Yes. TOTW, TOTY, TOTS and MOTM are all In Form cards.

Q: How can I get one of these cards ?
A: You can get a TOTS card in the same way you can get any other card: on packs or on the transfer market. If you want to try your luck on packs, you can go to the store and buy them with coins or FIFA Points. The chances of getting a TOTS card in a pack are low. However, during the TOTS weeks, the Ultimate Team store have special packs available.

Q: Which one is better: TOTY or TOTS cards ?
A: To the same player, TOTY card has better stats than his TOTS version.

Q: The TOTS cards are In Form cards ?
A: Yes. TOTW, TOTY, TOTS and MOTM are all In Form cards.

Q: There is only one Team of the Season ?
A: No. There is one Team of the Season for each one of the most popular leagues. There will be eleven squads.

Q: The several TOTS are released all at once ?
A: No. Usually, there is a new team every Wednesday and only one at a time. Two of the TOTS will be released in a Friday.

Q: How the TOTS are chosen ?
A: It depends of which TOTS. Community TOTS are chosen by the FIFA community. EASFC is chosen by the Dev Team. The other teams are usually chosen based on popular publications, like Kicker to the Bundesliga TOTS, Gazetta Dello Sport to the Serie A TOTS, L’Equipe to the Ligue 1 TOTS and Marca to the BBVA TOTS.

Q: The TOTS cards are expensive ?
A: Yes. A lot. Several cards cost more than 1 million coins.

Q: When the prices will be lower ?
A: This is one of the most asked questions about Team of the Season for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team. Again, we will try to help you but things may be slightly different.

Stage 1 – Before the TOTS Release
Players’ prices go down a couple of weeks before the TOTS release. In anticipation for the Team of the Season, many gamers will sell their players. They know their cards will worth less in the coming weeks and they also need coins to invest in packs. The more closer you are from the release, the lower will be the prices. You may not notice a huge drop until the stage 2, but it is a good idea to sell your cards as soon as possible if you are planning to use the TOTS season to make coins. The consumables’ prices may keep the same in this stage, because the gamers will need them for their teams and will not sell them.

Stage 2 – TOTS Release Day
As soon as the first three TOTS are released, you will clearly see that the prices are much lower. Many gamers sold everything they had and they will now spending in packs most of the coins they got. It is the most basic rule of the market: when the supply exceeds the demand, prices fall and when the demand exceeds the supply, prices rise. In this case, there will be lots of players, consumables and club items on the market and their prices will be really low because gamers will be opening packs until the last TOTS.

Stage 3 – TOTS Weeks

Many gamers have saved their coins to buy packs during the best TOTS. The prices will be very low until the end of this stage, because gamers are still buying packs.

Stage 4 – After the TOTS

As you may imagine, many gamers will want their teams back and, according to the market rules, the prices will go up again. However, don’t expect to go back to the same prices we had before the TOTS. Most of them should be slightly lower.

Q: Should I sell my team to make coins during the TOTS ?
A: In a business perspective, you should do it. As soon as possible. Remember that this is only a game and you should focus on getting fun. If you sell your team, you may not be able to play during the TOTS weeks.

Q: How to make coins during the TOTS ?
A: This is the most asked question about the TOTS. You are probably thinking to sell your team before the TOTS and buy it back after the TOTS. It is what everyone will suggest you but it is not the right way to make coins during the TOTS. Instead of getting 20% or 30% profit by your players, you may double your account. Just buy when prices are lower and sell when prices are higher. In order to do that, it is really really important to follow the following tips:

Prices will be lower during the most wanted TOTS, like BBVA, BPL and even EASFC Team of the Season.

Prices will be lower on the first days of each TOTS and higher on the last days of each TOTS. Monday and Tuesday, for example, are good days to sell. You can buy and sell several times during the same week which means much more profit.

Prices will be much lower during the best Happy Hours, specially the ones with 100k packs. It is the best time to buy all the cards you can afford. As soon the HH ends, you can sell them all by a good profit margin.