Tera PS4 is A Worthy Port

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Lately, I've been captivated with a certain MMORPG, so much so that I consistently get back on to play and join raids. The game I’m talking about is Tera and not the PC version, but the Tera PS4 version.



Don't get me wrong, I know people say that the PC version is amazing, but for people with a horrible (and I mean utter horrible) computer like mine, having this on the PS4 is absolute blissfula with the exception that the PS4 version hasn't received the flying Ironman-like suit mounts yet.


Tera PS4 isn't a crappy port

Tera is one of the few free MMOs on PS4 that I actually enjoy! Its well-flowing landscapes, impressive graphics, fluid combat and movement controls have got me hooked. That last part is especially important, with games that come from the computer to the PS4. Many people feel that they are losing many key bindings and that it ruins the flow of the games fight sequences. Not here! On the PS4 version, the combat and movement work beautifully like I'm playing on a PC game. It's downright comforting to know that Bluehole Studio cares about the game and the player base. Now, just to get you all into the spirit of things I'll delve into various parts of the game and explain.


Yes, like all free MMOs the story can be a little lacking. Tera revolves around the Valkyon Federation bringing together many other factions to combat weird metallic enemies called the Argon. I won't give away too much. The tutorial shows the meat of the story and the reason why the Argons are bringing chaos to the world. Seriously look at the picture above. How weird do these things look? Weird, but cool at the same time. My feelings are all mixed up! Should I see a doctor?


Woo! Guilds! Yeah! Some of the best parts of an MMO is getting together with guild buddies, dueling each other, and then going on raids to get the best gear you can possibly find. The guild system in Tera PS4 reminds me of the game Neverwinter, but without the gigantic Guild Base, it has. Although, I will say that if they ever include that into Tera PS4, I'll probably never leave.


It's very easy to make a guild. If you have your friends in the same group and have enough money, that's all you'll need to make the guild. Simple as that. As of right now, I'm having a blast with my own guild as we fight to out level each other. That's right guys, I’ll be waiting for you at the top of the leaderboards with my Castanic sorcerer (for those who don't know, Castanic is a race I’ll go into later on).


The gear system can be compared to the one found in Diablo III. Maybe that’s the reason why I like it so much? Whenever something legendary or shiny drops, it makes a little sound, and a beam of light erupts from its location. Most of the things that players collect are called Relics. They're pieces that you have to put together to create new epic weapons. You can get Relic pieces outside of raids and dungeons. Raiding is the optimal way to gather Relic pieces.


A couple of nights ago, I was in a raid called the Necromancer's Tomb (yes it had a lot of undead enemies, who would've known?). I accidentally over-leveled my character, and some of my abilities were one-shotting the enemies. I got around two new Relic pieces, in large part to the number of enemies I defeated. Those Relic pieces and everything else you acquire adds to something called item level. If you've played World of Warcraft before, you'll know that the main level and item level must never be above one another. That’s why raids in Tera PS4 are beneficial; they help balance both levels admirably. Also, raid bosses are entertaining! Each boss has players strategizing and paying close attention to their movement paths. Luckily, my sorcerer doesn't have to be close. He deals damage comfortably out of range, perhaps drinking a margarita health potion. Want some?


Initial, I'll begin off together with the humans. The fundamental folks within the game. They are able to be anybody or something (for the most portion, some classes only work for some races). The bread and butter, so to speak.


Next is my favorite, the Castanics. Basically, they're demon people today! They're humanoids with big horns on their head. Their backstory is that they were treated poorly as a race resulting from their preceding alliance with an evil god. The god ultimately betrayed them and killed a lot of persons. These events led to the Castanics fighting for redemption.


My second favorite race will be the Baraka - huge stone persons who're the gentle giants of Tera PS4. Considering the fact that they're so massive, and look so sturdy, I had to roll a single as a tank. I've to say they appear so fantastic. The Barakas possess the finest searching faces.


A lot of men and women enjoy this subsequent race mainly because they appear badass. The Aman are basically Dragonkin or Dragonborn. Don't forget to from U4GM.com to tera gold buy, which is the best choice for tera gold services on the market!