The Detail Analysis of Formation 352 and 4231 in FIFA 15 UT Mode

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With the demand of players become increasingly comprehensive in football, resulting the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team need more pursuit of formation. 352 and 4231 has become a mainstream football Formation in FIFA 15, let's explore the advantages / disadvantages and personnel requirements of 352 and 4231.

352 Formation
Features:This formation is a 3 defenders + 2 midfielders + 2 strikers. It is very advantage that placed 5 players in midfield, need your strength must be stronger than your opponent generally, and put pressure on the opponent with contain gameplay to attack.

Analysis:3 defenders can use man-for-man marking or zone defense, 5 midfielders can use 2 CDM + 2 Wingers + 1 CAM. The front of 2 strikers can form a triangle with CAM. This gameplay can break other’s the middle-intensive defense when players will play smooth with each other. Due to this formation only 3 defenders, so they can not attack, once one player attack, your defense will become vulnerable. What’s more, 2 CDM also can not attack generally, they are a defensive line in midfield and it is very important to block the opponent’s speed of counter attack. If players are stronger than the opponent’s ability, CDM also can attack at right time, but the speed and stamina requirements must be very high. After attacking, you should defensive back with the fastest speed.

But this formation has its drawbacks, because your side defender only one player, so this player’s ability must be high, not only need the comprehensive skills, can attack and defend, but also need plenty of stamina. When your players with not high ability, personal do not recommend you use this formation, this contain attack make your team with high attack, meanwhile, your defense will be weak significantly.

4231 Formation
Features:4 Defenders + 2 CDM + 3 Attacking Midfielder + 1 Striker. Main popular formation now in FIFA 15, can attack and defend. If you players not too stronger, can use this 4231 formation to defensive counterattack and win the game.

Analysis:4231 is the most popular formation, and proved that it is the most balanced attack and defense formation. The side defender requirements are very high, can attack and defend, what’s more, need very high speed and crossing ability. You must need a very outstanding stamina and defensive ability player on double waist, he is mainly responsible for the defensive midfield, another player with ability of possession, make the ball to striker by lob pass or short pass and penetration to the frontcourt player. CAM is the soul in 4231 formation, not only need to organize a traditional attacking midfielder passing ability, but also need very high ability to score.

It is very clear division of 4231 in midfield, one of CMD responsible for defense, another one responsible for connecting the front court, 3 attacking midfielders with the striker to attacking. Due to only one striker in 4231, so the midfielders need share the more the attacking responsibilities. The striker must a strong center for grab points, protect ball and turn around the ball. When the center with not strong ability, the playmaker is not up that very difficult to win the game, but the defense indeed enough to block opponents.