The most notable features in FIFA 15

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One of the most popular video game franchises ever just released its newest edition on Tuesday. EA Sports' FIFA 15 is now available in stores everywhere, and the second next-gen game should have football fans ecstatic.

Living Pitch
What stands out right away in the simulations is how vivid the landscape of the pitch is and how it reacts to what goes on in a match. That gives the "Living Pitch" feature appropriate nomenclature.Flags from the corners bend when players make contact with them. Even the advertisements on the LCD screens along the sidelines have legitimate animation that makes the game seem more lifelike.

Depending on weather conditions, parts of the pitch where the action takes place and the overall quality of the venue, footing for players at different grounds will vary. That the condition of the field can have an impact on the outcome of a match is a significant stride that FIFA 15 gamers should take notice of.

Perhaps the grooviest part of this feature is that the woodwork shakes when a strike hits it. The amazing crowds and the unprecedented player programming improves the overall experience, too.And that serves as an appropriate segue into the latest, groundbreaking achievement in the FIFA franchise.

Emotion and Intensity
With all 22 players on the pitch feeding off each other and reacting to their own individual performances, teams can play drastically differently from match to match.

Not only do the stunning visuals create a realistic atmosphere, but the player emotions can change the complexion of any given simulation. For example, if a star striker misses a few scoring chances early, his accuracy will be off, and his willingness to take shots will decrease.

On the other hand, if a less heralded player comes on strong in a particular match, his teammates will begin to trust him more. Then he can play above his expected production and see a substantial temporary boost if his attribute ratings aren't too high.

The game boasts more than 600 new reactions for individual players, whose moods are also affected by the crowd. If an elite footballer gets off to a bad start in enemy territory, it will be all the more tough for him to bounce back.

There are even facial expressions that can tip off how a player is feeling. This allows the gamer to adjust his or her tactics accordingly, as it's possible to effectively target an opposing adversary who's having an off day.

Goalkeeper AI
The stop motion technology makes the keepers smarter than ever in FIFA 15.A myriad of new animations will cause greater variety in the type of goals scored. They also mirror the multitude of different shot angles attackers have.

Across many of the EA Sports platforms, certain shots (one-timers in the NHL franchise and the like) tend to be rewarded on a more consistent basis. The advanced goalkeeper feature goes a long way in preventing such similarities—bitter critics might call glitches—from occurring so often.

There will be nitpicks to this game, as with any, because EA Sports has raised the bar so high. However, with amazing innovations, specifically in this instance with the goalkeepers, the proliferation of technology and the ambitious, pioneering programmers will continue to perpetually improve FIFA for years to come.

FIFA 15 is yet another promising step in the right direction for the football video game franchise. The gameplay is faster, more dynamic on both ends of the pitch and has a human, emotional element that ought to inspire other branches in the industry to emulate such intricate artwork.