What's your preference player in FIFA 15

fifa15-coins Date: Sep/05/14 11:14:36 Views: 117

The FIFA 15 edition of Career Mode is due to be released in the autumn so now might be the perfect time to save up some cash so you can buy FUT coins and be ready to make those key investments when it comes time to choose your squad players. But who to choose?


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Luckily, What Culture has come up with a few suggestions to help you make up your mind when you're sitting down to select your players, coming up with a 25-strong list of footballers who they believe will be the superstars of the new game.

Maximilian Meyer made it into the top 25 thanks to his amazing ball control, balance and agility, drawing comparisons between himself and Lionel Messi, so having him on your team could certainly do more good than harm. You might also want to think about investing in Liverpool right wing Raheem Sterling, who's certainly got speed on his side and could do some serious damage on the counter attack - so if you're a fan of scoring goals, why not add him to your squad?

Everton's Ross Barkley might also be a great choice for anyone wanting to make an impact on the field, so pick him if you're keen to have a player with amazing ball control, great acceleration and unrivalled dribbling skills. Whoever you end up choosing for your squad, it's best to do some research and think about how each of your players will complement the others on your team.