Whom Did You Packed on the FUT 15 FUTmas 35k Mega Packs Offer Day 1

fifa15-coins Date: Dec/21/14 00:46:45 Views: 108

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Day 1 is finally here, and to kick the promotion off EA are offering five 35k Mega Packs in the store for 24 hours (December 19th-20th 2014). TOTW 14 In-form players (including Santi Cazorla & Mehdi Benatia) are available in packs!

35K (or 700 FIFA Points) Mega Pack:
The BIGGEST pack yet with a whopping 30, yes THIRTY, items! A mix of players and consumables, at least 26 Gold with 18 Rares.
Pack limit: 5

Now that FUTMAS has kicked off, expect to see prices fall before the inevitable Team of the Year (TOTY) market crash!

Day 1 Offers:
1).special pack offers
2).special tournaments
3).a free untradeable gold pack
4).5x 35K 30 item Special Packs in store

Luckliy i just pulled Suarez in a 35k pack.:D ,How about your guys? and by the way ,if you need any cheap fifa 15 coins during the futmas , pls feel free to contact fifa15-coins.com .
Good luck for all your guys!